How Does the CKB Membership Work?


Should you decide to purchase a membership on (the “Company’s”) website (the “Website”), you will have access to the Company’s referral service providers in the fields of trichology, cosmetology and healthy & wellness, called CKB Resources (“CKB Resources”).  Here’s how the membership works.

(a)       To become a CKB Member and gain access to the CKB Resources, you must pay a subscription fee of $50 (the “Subscription Fee”) to access all CKB Resources listed on the Website, with $25 of the Subscription Fee payable to Crystal Knows Beauty (the “Company”) for a one-time administrative cost in setting up and maintaining your membership.

(b)       The remaining $25 will be a credit to the account of the CKB Resource with whom you choose to schedule an initial consultation or initial appointment.  This credit will be applied toward the cost of your “first” consultation or appointment with the “first” CKB Resource you select.

(c)        All bookings subsequent to the initial booking will be subject to each CKB Resource’s separate billing policies, and all payment terms shall be strictly between you and such CKB Resource.

(d)       THE SUBSCRIPTION FEE IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  Should you choose not to proceed with an appointment or consultation after scheduling with a CKB Resource, then neither the Company nor such booked CKB Resource will be responsible for refunding any portion of the Subscription Fee.

(e)       If for any reason, you decide not to apply your $25 subscription credit [reference (b) above], to any CKB Resource within (60) days from the start of your membership, your credit will automatically void to ($0).  If after those (60) days have expired, and you later choose to book with a CKB Resource, you will be responsible for the CKB Resource’s full separate billing policies, strictly between you and such CKB Resource.

(f)        Your CKB Resource membership will expire on a (12) months annual cycle from the date of the initial membership, unless you select auto-annual renewal.