Don’t Put Oil On Your Eczema!!!

Hello Crystal Beauties!!! You may already know this info, but just in case you don’t:  “Please..Don’t put oil on your eczema.”  WHY?  Because oil tends to exacerbate itchy, flaky scalp.  Another scalp condition, among others, that can be irritated by oil is Seborrheic dermatitis, also known as Seborrhea.

Eczema is usually itchy, inflamed, dry patches of skin found in the folds of your knees (sometimes front and back), elbows, crease of the neck, around the nose, patches on the scalp, and can also be seen on the face, arms and legs depending on the level of the condition.

Seborrhea has similar traits but not exact.  This irritating skin condition tends to be found on the scalp, and is itchy, flaky and inflamed.  It is yellowish in color and oily.  It typically develops in areas of the skin and scalp where sebum (the body’s natural oil) is produced.  Most people who suffer from Seborrhea also have abundant yeast growth.  The body needs yeast, but if it is not balanced it can affect your scalp and skin.  Seborrhea found on the scalps of new born babies is called Cradle cap.

How Do I Control Itchy, Flaky Scalp Conditions

Going GLUTEN-Free is a great start. As I mentioned above, steer away from putting oil on your scalp if you have an itchy, flaky scalp condition.  You should have a good wash regimen for your hair & scalp and you can try, if you prefer, using retail strength hydrocortisone.

However, if your scalp condition is severe, you should definitely consult your doctor for best treatment options.

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