#EatWithAPurpose…Try Coconut!

Too often our standard diets are packed full of cholesterol, refined sugar, saturated fat, sodium and other preservatives. No wonder it is quite common to find plenty of friends, relatives and acquaintances who are not only suffering from serious medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, but also have clear signs of moderate to severe hair loss.

Foods packed with some, or all of the above mentioned additives, if eaten too often, can cause a high risk chance of resulting in hair loss issues. Many times generations of family members seem to inherit hair loss. However, sometimes genetic hair loss is not actually what is being passed down through generations, but instead; family members might be passing down bad eating habits.

@CrystalKnowsBeauty is always excited to talk about healthy living. Eating foods full of the proper vitamins and minerals can significantly help slow down or even stop hair fall, and assist in stronger follicular regeneration and hair growth. Take coconuts as just one example of a multitude of excellent sources of great nutrition. The flesh of this particular fruit is rich in great nutrients to help you grow vibrant, healthy hair like selenium, magnesium, iron, B complex vitamins, as well as vitamin E and C.

So, the next time your stomach is growling and longing for the quick fix of junk food, stop for a moment and think about your hair and overall health…do your best to #EatWithAPurpose

Until the next time…CKB

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